Bio1152 Chapter 45 Hormones and the Endocrine System
  1. Hormones are chemical signals secreted into the              system to target cells, and often act by           feedback.

  2. The               and            integrate many functions of the vertebrate            system.

    • The pituitary is composed of            pituitary and           pituitary lobes.

  3. The thyroid gland produces two         -containing hormones,                   (T3) and            (T4), which are regulated by two           feedback loops.

  4. The parathyroid gland regulate calcium homeostasis by secreting              hormone (PTH).

  5. The pancreas secretes two hormones from clusters in the islets of             to regulate glucose levels.

  6. The adrenal glands are adjacent to the          and comprise 2 types of secretory cells.

  7. The gonads - testes and ovaries - produce most of the body's sex hormones, which are           derived from cholesterol.

  8. The         gland, located within the brain, secretes            , mainly at night, which may be involved in biorhythm regulation.

    Review: Human Endocrine Glands and Hormones