Chapter 38 Animations   Study Guide

Unit 6: Plant Form and Function Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology Review
  1. Angiosperms produce flowers from the generation for sexual reproduction.
  2. Flowers exhibit wide variation among species.
  3. A plant that has male and female reproductive structures on the same individual is ; if those structures are on separate plants the species is .
  4. The transfer of pollen from an to a results in .
  5. After pollination, a pollen grows down into the and discharges two sperm, which undergoes fertilization.
  6. The zygote undergoes mitosis and develops into a multicellular , which, together with its food supply and seed coat, make up a seed.
  7. A fruit develops from the , protects and aids in the dispersal of the enclosed seeds.
    Review: Angiosperm Life Cycle.
    Review: Seed and Fruit Development.
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