Searching the Web
  1. George Bush? Democrats playing Google tricks!
  2. A pro-business lobby?
  3. : Republican informercial - they want your votes.
  4. National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition : Who are their supporters? Business interests.
  5. : Puma endangered?
  6. Abundant Wildlife Society of North America : What are the credentials of this .com? Does it do anything other than put some articles on the web?
  7. American Bald Eagle Information : Who is the author Hope Rutledge? What are his/her credentials? Notice focus on Wisconsin birds.
  8. The Endangered Species Program : from the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  9. Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act : from
  10. Summary from Federal Wildlife Laws Handbook : from Center for Wildlife Law, University of New Mexico School of Law
  11. Norman Endocrine Surgery Clinic : a surgeon seeking to perform surgery on you.
    Citing references
  12. : don't just give URL of a search page.
    Avoid long and temporary URL from database searches, specify the journal:
    Rowell, Galen. "Peregrines in peril", Earth Island Journal v12n2 (Spring 1997): 29-31. Retrieved Feb. 14, 2005, from ArticleFirst.
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